Themed children's corner with wall games
Camp Safari is a unique beach club, designed for small children and teenagers.

Camp Safari Beach Club, a special play area for children and teenagers

With a relaxing cinema zone for the younger children and a PlayStation zone for the teenagers, it fulfils all needs. The cinema zone is equipped with soft play cushions and wireless headphones, so that children can watch a film in complete relaxation. The play area is fully customised and the custom theme is the local nature and the animals that live in the Arabian desert. From the play floor to the wall coverings, nature is everywhere.

A play area at a unique beach club, also perfect for teenagers!

In the play area, there are various instructive wall games. The interactive play systems are also well represented. For example, our Delta 17 wall game computer and our interactive play table. Up to 4 children can play games together on the touchscreen table. There is also an area where children can participate in activities, this play area is furnished with our children's furniture. In short, a great play area for children and teenagers!    

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Kids corner children's furniture wall games
Children's corner with soft seat cushions
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interactive game console wall decoration children's corner
multiple wall games interactive game consoles and children's furniture children's corner
kinderhoek met spelcomputer en zitzakken