Interactive play systems

Apart from wooden wall games and play systems, we also design and produce interactive games. Our interactive game developers create worlds, adventures and challenges that appeal to children of all ages and anywhere in the world. Because we develop everything in-house, we can also design the games entirely in your own company style, or we can come up with a concept together. We can do anything.


Interactive game computers 

With the different games, puzzles, and riddles, children are encouraged in a playful manner to discover and explore, to be creative, and to improve their cognitive skills. They can race or colour, for example, but we also offer educational games that teaches children to search for links between animals and their homes, or how to clean up the oceans. Our interactive play systems include an attractive design console that is safe and sustainably manufactured. The challenging games are suitable for children in the ages of 2 to 12 and do not contain any violence.