Interactive play systems for children in an IKC play corner
Interactive play systems for children in an IKC play corner

Interactive play systems

Besides the wooden wall games and play systems, we also manufacture interactive play systems. We have our own game developers who create adventurous and challenging touch games that appeal to children all over the world. Because we develop the interactive games ourselves, we are able to customize the games to your wishes or corporate identity. 

Our interactive play systems provide:

  • playvalue without losing a lot of floor space
  • a safe play solution for your youngest visitors
  • an optimal playing experience for children between 4 and 12 years old
  • an increased brand awareness because of the incorporation of your logo
  • an improved customer experience due a pleasant atmosphere in your organisation

Discover the possibilities for an interactive kids' corner in your sector.

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Interactive play systems - custom games possible

Our interactive play systems are produced in a safe and sustainable way. The challenging games are suitable for children from 4 to 12 years and contain no violence.

Using various games, puzzles and riddles, the child is playfully stimulated to discover, develop cognitive skills and be creative. Children can whether race and paint, or play one of the educational games in which children learn to find connections or in which the environment plays an important role. Examples include cleaning up the sea and separating waste.

Strong, durable touch screens

In addition to well-functioning software and fun games, it's without a doubt that the interactive play systems must be very practical. That's why all our touch screens are:

  • easy to clean
    the flat, rimless display surface of the screen eliminates the issue of dust and debris building up in the corners of the display
  • extremely strong and durable
    the play systems have a capacitive touch screen with tempered glass, which means that they are vandalism proof and that dirt on the screen won't affect the touch sensitivity.
  • suitable to play with several children at the same time
    the screen has ten independent touch points. This multitouch option allows children to play games together at the same time
  • energy efficient
    the screens have improved energy efficiency and therefore lower consumption
  • easy to install
    all of our interactive play systems are plug-and-play concepts. They are delivered to you ready to use, all you have to do is plug them in and play
On this image you can see an interactive play system in a public area


A selection of our interactive play systems