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Adding indoor play value is the new trend in experience marketing. IKC has been creating play value in more than 80 countries all over the world for more than 12 years. Our goal is to turn every organisation into a child friendly environment. By doing this, we create a better world by giving children the chance to remain a child for as long as possible. This is the core of IKC. 

Globally we serve many different sectors, from healthcare to hospitality and from retail to public areas... Indoor play solutions for any location. We design and manufacture according to the needs of our customers worldwide. This is why we continuously improve and expand our distributor network and partnerships. 

Do you recognize your company in some of the following requirements?

Your company…

  • designs healthcare, retail or hospitality facilities, public spaces, leisure parks, or day care centres
  • offers children’s play concepts
  • is active in a specific country
  • specializes in serving a certain sector
  • has inhouse sales and marketing teams
  • wants to invest in expanding IKC and our goals
  • wants to grow by selling our products

Does your company meet any or all of these requirements? Then our products will be a great addition to your assortment! 

Feel free to contact us, because we are always open for new partnerships to expand our global network.

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