Our play concepts are produced in our own factory in China
Our play concepts are produced in our own factory in China

The IKC Factory

Our factory is located in eastern China, in the city of Jiaxing, half an hour travel from Shanghai. The establishment of the factory in China in 2007, its geographical location and the Chinese culture contributed to the philosophy of our company. In the factory, the play concepts are produced with a focus on play value and quality.

With a passion for quality and appeal, IKC has gained a strong international reputation. IKC is now one of the world's leading specialists in play value, interactive game systems and indoor playgrounds.

Choice of materials

All the materials we use for our products are always of a high quality, this choice is based on the idea that only the best raw materials can be used to produce a perfect product.

Our products and kids' furniture are made of FSC-certified beech wood and MDF, which makes the end product feel warm and solid. Our play concepts are painted with a water-resistant, antibacterial and scratch-resistant solid lacquer.

Here, play modules are produced in our factory in China

The manufacturing process

Once the wooden frames have the right shape, they are traditionally screen-printed. This ensures that all products are of high quality and feel pleasant for children as they move their delicate fingers over the various prints and patterns.

The wooden play modules are then sprayed in colour. This is done in special spray booths where the paint particles are collected to prevent them from ending up in the environment.

The products are checked for safety and possible flaws before they are packaged. The packaging is designed in a way that the products cannot be damaged during the logistical movement from the factory to the final destination.

The corrugated cardboard is of high quality and can be re-used by IKC and the customer. We use a minimum amount of plastic and recycle as much as possible.

Production of our play concepts in our own factory

Traditional silkscreen printing

The prints that you find on IKC products have been especially created by our Graphic designers so that they can be printed onto our play systems with a silkscreen printing method.

This classic sixteenth-century technique originates from Japan. Silkscreen printing requires creating a stencil or template on a fine-meshed screen. The stencil blocks certain areas of the screen, allowing the ink to pass only in the specified areas. The ink is pressed through the open areas of the screen and applied to the underlying product. This process is repeated for each colour in the design, using a separate stencil and screen for each colour. This ensures that all products are of high quality.

IKC chooses to use this traditional method because children's hands are still so sensitive that they can actually feel the different printing layers. This stimulates their curiosity and hand-eye coordination.

Here the screen printing is carried out for our wall modules