Softplay speelgoed is een goede toevoeging aan een kinderhoek als meubels of klim element

Soft play and soft play elements 

In addition to the characteristic wooden wall games and kids' furniture, you can also add soft plays to your kids' corner. These are handmade soft play elements made of a high quality PU leather. And they are suitable for children of all ages.

Our soft plays provide:

  • a safe play environment for your youngest visitors
  • an optimal and fun experience for children from the age of two
  • an increased brand awareness due to a custom play concept with your corporate identity
  • an improved customer experience because of a pleasant atmosphere in your organisation

The soft play elements offer extra play value for small, agile children. The soft play elements are perfect to play with or climb on. A soft play can also be used to sit on while playing with wall games.
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