Play corners

Within the IKC collections you will find a number of pre-planned play corners that fit into any area. For your convenience, we have developed four sizes of play corners per theme. For example, you can choose a ready-to-play play corner from 2 square metres. Do you want to add play value but do not want to lose any wall space? Go for one of our freestanding play corners!

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A pre-planned play corner starting at only 2 m2'

When we say we can add play value to any area, we mean that we can offer anything from a single wall game to a complete play corner. With IKC you have the option to create your own play corner, but we also offer complete pre-planned designs. These designs take play value for children of different ages into account. The play corners contain a fun mix of wall games, softplays, interactive play systems and more!

The standard floor design that comes with the play corners is made of shock absorbing EPDM with 3D effects or printed vinyl. You can also choose a play corner with or without wall designs. The designs for the wall are made of printed Forex.

Durable and safe play corners

We only use the best wood, paint that leaves no chemical traces, as little plastic as possible with as much recycling as possible. Durability and safety begin with the choice of materials. Our robust, durable play corners:

  • Only contain FSC-certified wood. 
  • Comply with the EN-71 safety standard
  • Are painted with antibacterial paint
  • Are easy to clean
  • Are finished off with scratch resistant lacquer
  • Require little or no maintenance

The FSC certificate of our wood gives you the certainty that the wood that we use, has been purchased in a legal way and that the welfare of the local community and environment is not compromised. The EN-71 safety standard is the European standard for safe play concepts. SGS is the organisation that checks and certifies our products in this regard.

Making a sustainable choice also means opting for products with a long life. Our products last for years.