Wall coverings

Create a fantasy world with life-size wall decorations!

Our wall coverings are available in several example designs, and can be fully customized according to your wishes or corporate style. Together with our IKC Design team, we bring your ideal wall decoration to life!

Choose for a realistic look full of detail, or for a minimalistic 2D print with vibrant colours.


Wall accessories

wanddecoratie voor kinderhoek met klimwand

Extra accessories to play with

Let children climb on colourful climbing holds, or install an Activity Wall to get kids to move in a fun, playful way.

As a more calm alternative, we also have the Experience Wall with special sound effects. A beautiful way to bring play areas to life, with infinite possibilities for customization!


Bestselling wall games

Spelend kind met het wandspel Into the Woods van International Kids Concepts

The most fun addition to any play wall!

Our wall games are not only fun and educative, but can be perfectly combined with fitting wall coverings for a complete play experience!
Have a look at all of our wall games to mount on walls, or ask about the possibilities for a custom-made design!

A few of our most popular analogue and interactive wall games:

Create an overall impression with a floor design!

Transform any play area into an adventurous fantasy world with our flooring designs!
Our durable vinyl floors are made from a very tough and hard-wearing material. The design is printed in mirror image on the underside, so the top layer forms a colourfast, UV-resistant coating.

Check out our Play Floors
Inspiring reference projects
Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte
A less tense consultation for children by having fun

Playing in the kids’ corner at dentist Dental Health in The Hague



Kinderhoek Coop supermarkt
Coop believes in the power of together!

Coop makes a difference!



This image shows a custom kids corner in a DIY store
A mini hardware store for the small construction professionals of tomorrow

The kids’ corner creates a pleasant shopping experience within the Lueb + Wolters DIY store