Kids furniture for every play corner

IKC children's furniture makes everyone happy. They work like a magnet in any room. Of course they are safe and will last for years. Tip: combine our furniture with our ready-to-play play elements.


Stimulating creativity

Have you ever seen the effect of a single kids table and chair in a play corner? Children's furniture has an unprecedented appeal because it is completely designed for children. In colour, material and design: we've thought of everything. Our children's tables, chairs and all other furniture, for example, are designed to stimulate children's creativity and invite them to create beautiful fantasy stories. 

Safety first

Our products are guaranteed safe. This is our top priority with every step of our design and production process. In addition to fun, of course. We strive for safe and child-friendly play corners in as many places in the world as possible. Preferably with fitting and cheerful children's furniture.

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