Wall games - play panels IKC play corners - wall game
Wall games - play panels IKC play corners - wall game

Wall games

From day one we use our distinctive, wooden frames. Because of this characteristic look, our wall games and play panels are easily recognizable worldwide. 

Our wall games provide:

  • fun without losing floor space
  • a safe gaming solution for your youngest visitors
  • an optimal play experience for children between 2 and 8 years old
  • an increased brand awareness due a custom wall game with your company logo
  • an improved customer experience because of a pleasant atmosphere in your organisation

Our collection of wall games consists of sorting, twisting, puzzle and educational games that support cognitive development and creative thinking. Our wall games add play value to any room, whether used as a separate play solution or as part of a larger kids' corner.

Discover the possibilities for a kids' corner in your sector.

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Safe play walls for your company

We can add play value to any room, from a single wall game to a complete kids' corner. Expanding a kids' corner is possible in a modular way by combining a wall game with a play system, play fence, playhouse or softplay elements.

We only use the best types of wood, choose paint that leaves no chemical traces, use a minimal amount of plastic and recycle as much as possible. Our robust, durable wall games:

  • contain only FSC-certified wood
  • comply with the EN-71 safety standard
  • do not contain any loose parts
  • are sprayed with antibacterial paint
  • are finished with wear- and scratch-resistant lacquer

Because of the FSC certificate we're able to guarantee that the wood has been purchased legally, that the welfare of the local community is not compromised and that the environment is protected. Opting for sustainability also means choosing for products with a long lifespan. Our products will last for years.

We offer play value worldwide, in any area for every budget and according to any wishes. Would you like to know how? Our advisors will be happy to inform you.

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A selection of our wall games