Wall games

We offer play value for every space, for every budget, according to all wishes and requirements, and in any part of the world. The recognisable look of our wall games can be found all over the world. The wooden frame is the result of our long-standing experience and meant to offer children an optimal, safe playing experience. Sorting, turning, puzzles, and educational games: an IKC wall game is ideal for the smaller play areas, it teaches children cognitive skills and lets them think in a solution-oriented manner.


Extending wall games with play systems

When we talk about play value for every space, then we include this in everything, from a single wall game to a completely fitted children's play area. This allows you to build your children's corner in a modular way, for example by combining a wall game with a play system or play area fence. In addition, you can customise the wall games entirely to your own company style by letting the IKC designers create a custom design for you. Would you like more information? Then contact our team of specialists. We are happy to help you!

Hygienic and safe wall games 

Sustainability and durability start with the choice of resources: only the best wood, paint without any chemical traces, the least amount of plastic, and maximum recycling. Our frames are only made of FSC certified wood, which assures the provenance of the wood. This is how we guarantee that the wood was purchased in a legal manner, that the well-being of the local community is not at risk, and that the environment is protected. Making sustainable choices also means choosing products with a long lifespan. Our products last for many years.