Marco Lankman CEO of IKC tries to create a better world for children
Marco Lankman CEO of IKC tries to create a better world for children

IKC Mission and Vision 

What is your best childhood memory of playing?

This memory probably brings a smile to your face... Not just because of the happy memory, but also because of the care free feeling that characterizes young children when they can be themselves in a positive environment. 

Being a child means laughing, playing, living in a never ending fantasy, having self-confidence and respect, being creative, honest and above all unbiased. At this young age, millions of connections are made in the brain that will define the rest of children's lives.

It is my mission to create a positive environment for children all over the world. Accompany us and experience the atmosphere that we create with our play concepts.

Marco Lankman, CEO IKC Global

Marco Lankman Owner of IKC

Happy children make a better world

By combining our knowledge and love for the way children play, we create powerful products that transform any area into a child-friendly environment. Our aim is to ensure that the creative and educational play concepts make children feel happy and good, so they can be themselves.


Two children busy playing with the interactive game systems of IKC

We learn from child's play

We have been doing research on how children play for many years. What makes a child forget about time completely  and place for a moment? How can we challenge kids in the most enjoyable way to move, learn, and develop themselves? When does a child relax optimally? 

We have the answers to all these questions because we constantly immerse ourselves into the fantasy world of our youngest world citizens. And we love doing that. 

IKC Collection l TipoftheIceberg wallgame for the wall

The DNA of IKC

Better world

Improving the world begins with our new generation, children. Being a child; playing, laughing, creativity, nonverbal communication and being unbiased.

Playing is essential when it comes to a child's development. The child is the centre of everything we do, make and want to achieve.


We believe in a simplistic look and feel for all our products. We ensure that children of all ages and worldwide can play with IKC products safely and without any explanation.

We create designs in a variety of styles using recognisable shapes, materials and colours.

Educational games

We believe in developing children's skills by letting them play and be themselves. By playing with our products, children can develop through sensory exploration, socializing, memorizing and thinking. 

By supporting the development of children all over the world, we are investing in our future.

two children playing with the interactive play systems of IKC


We have mapped our footprint and are working to reduce it as much as possible.

And we're always looking for ways to make the biggest difference in five key areas: manufacturing, using products and raw materials, facilities, transportation and recycling. 

The success of our business is based on our people. We aim to be an example of good human rights and employment practices throughout all our activities.


Ensuring the quality and safety of our products is the main focus of our company. Our goal is to ensure that IKC is equal to safety and top quality worldwide. We achieve this with educated people, top quality raw materials, suppliers and machines. 

Our products are made from the highest quality FSC-certified wood. This results in strong and solid playing concepts with a warm and friendly look.

With our safety and quality checks and tests, our product always reaches the highest safety and quality standards. This is reflected in our standard 2-year warranty.

FSC certified wood, for our play concepts


We are constantly innovating our organisation by improving the manufacturing process, adding even more educational value to our products and constantly optimizing the quality of our concepts. All to ensure that we increase value for you.


IKC is a globally operating company that is constantly expanding its network. 

With our own factory in China, a global distribution network and products that can be used in all cultures, we enable kids to remain children for longer all over the world.


We control the entire supply chain. From design and production to delivery and installation. We offer you personalised service. With our team of Dutch and Chinese employees we are fully equipped to meet these requirements.

Here, play modules are produced in our factory in China