Welcome to the World of Play@IKC

Discover the newest addition to IKC's collection: 

Welcome to the world of Play@IKC, a concept where imagination knows no bounds and adventure awaits around every corner. This innovative play concept is designed to transform any space into a hub of excitement and exploration for children of all ages.

Unleash Creativity with Customisation

At IKC we believe that every space is unique, and our play concepts reflect that.  With a wide range of options for size, shape and attached modules, you can customise your Play@IKC to perfectly suit your space and capture the essence of your brand. From varying panels to wall games, each element is designed to inspire creativity and foster endless hours of play.

Below you can see some examples of Play@IKC concepts.

Safety First, Fun Always

At International Kids Concepts, safety is our top priority. Our play environments are meticulously designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that children can play freely and parents can relax with peace of mind. With Play@IKC, you can create a safe and stimulating environment where children can learn, explore, and grow.

Why choose a Play@IKC concept:

•    Improved customer experience 
•    Increased brand awareness through custom designs
•    Fun within only a few square meters of floor space
•    A safe and adventurous play environment for older kids
•    More retention visits
•    Higher revenues
•    Stand out

Add-On Inspirations

Add-ons for the Play@IKC Concept

Your Play@IKC concept is completely customisable, in consultation with our design team, you can unleash creativity with different panels and add-ons.

Add a panel with a dome window, or with polycarbonate to allow kids to look through. A wall game can be added anywhere in the module, surprising children around every corner with more play opportunities! Add a slide for a fun way to exit the concept. The different panels and add-ons allow for your module to be truly unique! There are many options that can all be discussed with our design team. 

Check them out here

Bestselling Wall Games

Spelend kind met het wandspel Into the Woods van International Kids Concepts
Inspiring reference projects
Rendering of the waiting room of Cosmolu with the Play@IKC module
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