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A kids’ corner in your store increases customer experience which leads to higher sales

A play area provides children a safe place within your shop or showroom to play, discover and learn. While the kids play, customers get more time to browse, shop and focus on your offer or advice. 

Customer experience becomes more and more important, especially in retail

Most people have come to expect a better experience when they go shopping. The way your customers experience your services is becoming more important than price and product. There are many ways to enhance their visit to your business and a kids’ corner is an excellent example of that. We truly believe that investing in play value is one of the essential elements that should not be discarded. It demonstrates that you care about children, their parents and the atmosphere in your store. Therefore, the return on investment for a kids' corner is guaranteed.

Child friendliness contributes to a pleasant environment with respect for children, parents and your employees. By giving everyone a place in your shop, all visitors feel comfortable and welcome. This will give you both short and long term advantages. 

In the short term, you offer parents and other customers the opportunity to browse and make purchases at their leisure. In addition, a unique and challenging play area allows your employees to have more time for your customers. They can provide the customers with all the time and advice they require. This positive result is due to the fact that you also thought about the youngest visitors.

Playing also creates beautiful memories. Those memories pay off, because when children grow up they remember where they used to have a great time. Brand awareness is developed at an early age, this can give you a long term advantage. By giving young children a great experience with your brand, you can create a positive brand awareness from an early age. 

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A children's corner in your shop always earns itself back

How do we know this? After more than 12 years of experience with developing play concepts and collecting feedback from our customers we can conclude that play value has a positive effect on the company objectives. When children enjoy themselves, parents can stay longer, spend more and come back more often. If parents know that their children will have fun and feel welcome, they will be more likely to choose your establishment again. That is what we call the power of playing and this results in:

  • Higher revenues per customer
  • A more relaxed atmosphere: enhanced customer experience
  • More customers and more retention visits
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved brand awareness
  • The playing child is your future customer

We offer play solutions for any size establishment. IKC can even add play value to your stores without taking up any floor space.

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