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Software for all IKC interactive play systems
Software for all IKC interactive play systems


Our software allows children to develop themselves in a playful way. The standard software for our interactive play systems contains educational games and has a modern and fresh look.

Since we develop our own games, we're able to customize the games according to your wishes or corporate identity.

Interactive play systems provided with IKC software:

  • ensure more returning visitors
  • are suitable for multiple players at the same time
  • offer your youngest visitors hours of fun
  • are suitable for children of all ages and contain no violence

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Software for interactive play systems

The IKC software offers children an educational, challenging, language-free play experience that stimulates them to develop themselves in a playful way.

We offer multiple standard software options. The Galaxy explorers software takes children on an adventure through space, while the Game train teaches them about countries worldwide. Our Touchtable software enables children to play with the four of them at the same time, while the Arctic adventures software is focusses on increasing the awareness of a durable planet with small games as cleaning up the ocean. 

Unique interactive games for your organisation

Besides our standard software, we can fully customize the software for the interactive touch screens to your wishes and corporate identity. We can adjust colours, add logos and incorporate your product range in the games.

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