This image shows interactive play systems with IKC software

Software for interactive play systems 

Our software allows children to develop themselves while they play. Our software for interactive play systems contains educational games that have a modern and fresh look. 


Educational, non-violent, interactive games

Children can go on an adventure with the Galaxy explorers, learn about other countries with the Game train, four children can play with the Touch Table at the same time, or they can solve puzzles with the Play Touch. The software has endless possibilities!

Specialists in child's play is something you don't become overnight. We have doing research on how children play for many years. IKC studio uses this knowledge and experience when we develop software for children. We take the development needs of children into account, we are creative, and make sure that we always incorporate new challenges. The games never include any violence and are easy to understand. 

Would you like suitable software for your organisation? You can! The IKC software can always be adjusted to your wishes. Read more about how we work.