The Buxus kids' furniture collection

The Buxus collection is the latest addition to the IKC product range. This modern, wooden kids' furniture collection has a natural and durable look. In addition to durability, comfort is also an important aspect of the Buxus line. The chairs have an ergonomic design that ensures a good, comfortable sitting position. The collection includes kids' chairs, kids' tables, kids' stools and a beads table.

Suitable children's furniture for any play corner

This whole line has a natural look with clearly visible wooden connections. These sliding joints are a characteristic feature in the entire Buxus collection. They contribute to the modern look and feel of the collection and ensure optimal use of the material. Due to these sliding joints, fewer components are needed to create the furniture and we’re able to reduce the waste of material and the quantity of screws, which is not only practical but also environmentally friendly!

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Kinderhoek met kindermeubels van de Buxus collectie

Create a kids’ corner in a flash

Kids' furniture has an unprecedented appeal in every room and sector. This is because they are specifically designed for children. Because of this attraction, children's furniture helps to transform any area into a child-friendly place where families with children feel comfortable and welcome. 

Would you like to invest in fun, but don't necessarily need your own design? Then you can easily combine a kids’ table, kids' chair or kids' stool with one of our collections. Simply choose, order and place: soon you'll see how the power of play works and what benefits it brings to you. Are your curious to know more? Download a brochure for more information.

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Discover the Buxus kids' furniture collection


Safety and sustainability are essential for a children's corner

Our products are made in our own factory in China and are SGS certified according to the EN-71 standard. This guarantees that they are safe. Additionally, we only use materials that are durable and don't cause any damage to the environment. This will not just benefit the playing children now, but also in the future. Therefore, we choose:

  • to only use the best types of FSC certified wood
  • to use paint without any chemical traces
  • to avoid using plastic as much as possible
  • to recycle as many materials as we can

The FSC certificate of our wood gives you certainty about the origin of the wood. With this certificate we can guarantee that the wood has been purchased legally, that the welfare of the local community is not compromised, and that the environment is protected.

Kinderhoek met kindermeubels van de Buxus collectie