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Signing maakt het plaatje compleet!
IKC News | 18.06.2021

Signing completes the picture!

From this year on, IKC's offer is even wider. Of course, we had already focused on the total experience for children in and around our play concepts, by also…
Spelen voor dementerende
IKC News | 18.06.2021

International Senior Concepts

In the past few months, we have worked very hard on a new branch of our business. Through International Senior Concepts, we want to focus on the activity…
IKC News | 25.02.2021

STIHL invests in a play concept for the stores!

STIHL, garden tools and machines for private and professional use, is investing in an extra shopping experience with an IKC play concept.

Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte
IKC News | 16.02.2021

A child-friendly environment at Hospital CWZ Nijmegen

In an interview with Annette Goosensen, Head of the Paediatrics Outpatient Clinic at the CWZ in Nijmegen, it is clearly stated how valuable a play concept…

Family Play Table
IKC News | 20.11.2020

Sneak Peek! The Family Play Table!

IKC presents a new concept: The Family Play Table! At the Family Play Table your guests will encounter the board games of the past. The Family Play Table…

Eerste zelfbediendingswinkel
IKC News | 09.11.2020

The evolution of the Supermarket

Week 45 was all about supermarkets with the event: 'Week of the Supermarket'. An event organised for the first time this year by the trade journal…

Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte bij de tandarts
Blog | 21.09.2020

4 tips for dentists to take the fear of the dentist away from a child!

The feeling of fear rises, even before the children come into the dental practice. Their heart rate goes up and tears well up. It’s not uncommon for…

Unicef Report
IKC News | 08.09.2020

Netherlands is the best place to be a child again!

Dutch children are rated as No. 1 again in well-being among 41 developed and emerging countries, a bringing the same UNICEF report said Thursday.

Duurzame Dinsdag in Nederland!
IKC News | 31.08.2020

September 1st: Today is Sustainable Tuesday!

Today is Sustainable Tuesday!