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This image shows the cover of the Coronavirus video
IKC News | 13.03.2020

Protecting children against the Coronavirus

In December 2019, the outbreak of the Coronavirus started in China, which is now spreading fast all over the world. Measures are being taken all over the…

This image shows the interior of a store
IKC News | 06.03.2020

Inspiration: the key to success in 2020

One organisation can't keep its head above the water, while others achieve success. The difference in retail today is greater than ever. Why is that? Some…

Wandspel winkel
In the media | 03.03.2020

Kids’ corners: higher profits and a longer shopping time with happy children

Grocery shopping together with whining children? Bad idea! Change this to: going to a certain supermarket, restaurant or furniture store with children who…

This image shows a custom kids corner in a swimming pool
IKC News | 27.02.2020

Swimming centre Rotterdam further expands its play value with more kids’ corners

In 2019, Swimming Centre Rotterdam was looking for a solution to entertain the brothers and sisters of children that came for swimming lessons. For this…

On this image you can see a whiteboard instruction video
IKC News | 05.02.2020

Child-friendly Whiteboard instruction video about the Corona Virus

The current epidemic situation in China due to the Corona virus does not only have a large impact in China, but also a large influence on the world’s…

Op deze afbeelding staat een winkelinrichting
IKC News | 03.02.2020

Physical store needs to adjust revenue model

According to ABN AMRO’s Retail Sector Forecast for 2020/2021, retailers will have to reinvent themselves in the upcoming years. They will have to increase…

This image shows a custom kids corner in a supermarket
IKC News | 22.01.2020

Childs’ play is universal

Our colleagues at IKC Shanghai may literally be 8875km away from us, but our goal and our approach is exactly the same. Childs’ play is universal and brings…

Increase shopping experience through a children's corner
Branch tips | 14.01.2020

By 2025 half of the store space will focus on experience

It is expected that by 2025, half of the retail space in stores will be dedicated to experience. This is concluded in the How To Shop survey by Unibail-…

This image shows an interactive play corner daycare
IKC News | 07.01.2020

A change in corporate identity, but still the same familiar quality

The new year has begun and we are taking the time to look back on IKC’s journey in  2019. A year in which we have supported many companies in adding play…