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This image shows a boy playing with a educational wall game
Branch tips | 26.11.2019

Playing and learning in the kids' corner at Kennemerduinen

Update. The kids' corner of the Kennemerduinen visitor centre is a perfect example of how playing and learning can be combined. Check out the end result of…
IKC News | 11.11.2019

Sneak peek: New furniture collection

The first samples of our new kids furniture collection "BUXUS", passed the quality check in our production facility in Jiaxing, China. …

IKC News | 28.10.2019

The official opening of our new IKC Asia office

On October 28, 2019, we officially celebrated the opening of our new headquarters in Shanhai in building 1933 in the famous XinXin creativity park. Check out…
IKC News | 22.10.2019

IKC is taking the next step in Asia!

IKC Asia has moved to the trendy “1933 XinXin creativity park” in Shanghai. This inspiring office area is the place to be for Interior design companies and…
IKC News | 04.10.2019

Available now! Glitter EPDM for your play corner!

IKC recently added the possibility for glitter play floors to their EPDM assortment. The…

This image shows a wall game Clock around
Branch tips | 02.10.2019

Increase your turnover by focusing on ROX

While consumers increasingly value the 'experience' that retailers offer, retailers themselves continue to invest mainly in traditional, measurable matters…

Branch tips | 30.09.2019

Experience stores often still miss the mark

Online stores threaten the existence of shopping streets. The answer of the struggling shops seems to be 'experience'. But this doesn't always go as well as…
IKC News | 20.09.2019

Transforming Dekamarkt stores into an experience for every customer

Through the cooperation of International Kids Concepts and Dekamarkt, one of their newest World of Food stores (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) is transformed…

IKC News | 17.09.2019

Turn shopping into a precious moment together

A shopping trip with children has never been so relaxing and enjoyable since child-friendliness is getting more important for shops and boutiques.