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IKC creëert een nieuw concept voor ouderen!
IKC News | 28.08.2020

The corona crisis has severly hit, the nursing industry!

This morning in the Dutch Financial Newspaper: The corona crisis has severely hit, the nursing industry are under pressure and facing major choices.

Kinderhoek supermarkt Jumbo Cambuurplein
Blog | 10.08.2020

5 locations with a family-oriented store design

Now that the summer holiday is here, it’s the perfect time to relax and pick up some annual chores. Your customers know their way to your store to get the…

IKC inrichting speelhoek voor kinderen bij kinderopvang Parelbosch in Eindhoven
IKC News | 13.07.2020

Daycare centre 't Parelbosch has undergone a metamorphosis!

Our account manager Niels Jellema proudly tells about his project at daycare 't Parelbosch in Eindhoven. Thanks to the good teamwork between 't Parelbosch…

IKC News | 25.06.2020

Active Discovery Australia and IKC start new collaboration

IKC is always looking to expand and grow, by creating partnerships with specialists worldwide. Our new collaboration with…

children play in restaurant play corner while parents can eat
Branch tips | 16.06.2020

The new generation wants to dine in family friendly restaurants

Today's children are the next generation of guests, so it's simply smart marketing to make the children feel welcome in your restaurant from an early age. Read…
Wachtkamer speelgoed voor gezondheidszorginstellingen
Blog | 18.05.2020

5 x waiting room toys for your healthcare facility

You probably recognize this scenario: your waiting room is full of patients who are immersed in one of the many magazines you offer on the reading table. In…

Kinderhoek autoshowroom
IKC News | 05.05.2020

The wheels of the HOPE van keep rolling!

The success story of HOPE Benefiet continues. Towards the end of 2019, IKC and HOPE Benefit were able to provide another three healthcare institutions with…

Kinderen thuis vermaken met makkelijke activiteiten voor kinderen thuis
Blog | 15.04.2020

Five easy tips on how to entertain kids at home

Are your children currently at home because the schools are closed? How are you going to entertain your children at home during the Corona crisis? You are…

Blog | 30.03.2020

4 tips to design an indoor play area to deal with declining visitor numbers

How do you deal with the trend of declining traffic in physical stores? ABN Amro's retail 2020 and 2021 sector forecast shows that the bank expects that…