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Retail survival is in your customer experience
Branch tips | 09.03.2022

Crisis or not, survival lies in your customer experience

Although no one is spared from the pandemic, there's one thing to reassure us. The same advice still applies – focus on what has always been of importance:…

Child and caregiver playing with wall game in hospital
Branch tips | 23.02.2022

Adding toys to your treatment room? Here's how!

We are all familiar with the typical toys that can be found in most waiting rooms. Bead maze tables, LEGO bricks and children…

Tips voor een kindvriendelijk restaurant
Branch tips | 10.02.2022

7x Tips for a family-friendly restaurant

Hospitality and customer experience are becoming more and more important – in the catering industry these factors may play the biggest role when it comes to…
IKC speelruimte voor kinderen bij kinderdagverblijf 't Parelbosch in Eindhoven
IKC News | 27.01.2022

Interview: Daycare centre 't Parelbosch undergoes yet another transformation

After the grand success of the first transformations at daycare centre ‘t Parelbosch in…

IKC review of the past year 2021
IKC News | 23.12.2021

2021 in review

This year we’ve had the opportunity to realize even more beautiful projects and to take meaningful, innovative steps as an organisation. With pride we can look…
This image shows software Arctic adventures
IKC News | 02.12.2021

UPGRADE: Arctic Adventures is getting more games!

Thanks to a new upgrade, our bestselling Arctic Adventures software is being expanded with even more educative minigames that help teach children how to be…
IKC interactieve speelmuur Activity Wall Parcours met ruimte thema en ingebouwde klimmuur met klimgrepen voor kinderen
IKC News | 24.11.2021

NEW: Now three interactive walls!

How do you keep children active in a fun and safe way, without additional commotion or danger? Give them a unique opportunity to play with a specially designed…
IKC viert Internationale Dag van de Rechten van het Kind, World Children's Day 2021
Blog | 18.11.2021

World Children’s Day 2021

On 20 November we celebrate World Children’s Day – a special day established by the United Nations to create more awareness for children’s rights. For 32 years…
IKC at the Recreatie Vakbeurs (Recreation Fair) 2021 for the Benelux recreational leisure sector in Hardenberg the Netherlands
IKC News | 10.11.2021

IKC at the Recreation Fair 2021!

On November 16, 17 & 18 the annual Recreatie Vakbeurs (Recreation Fair) will take place again in Evenementenhal Hardenberg, the Netherlands. After one day…