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Glitter EPDM play flooring in all shapes and sizes

Available now! Glitter EPDM for your play corner!

IKC recently added the possibility for glitter play floors to their EPDM assortment. The glitters add a new, spectacular dimension to the play corners. Our team developed an innovative way to mix glitter into the small rubber EPDM particles.

The shock-absorbent flooring gives children the confidence to discover the kids’ corner in a safe and playful manner. The EPDM flooring minimizes the risk of injury while playing. Adding glitter to the floor enhances the play experience, without affecting the quality or safety of the EPDM.


Because an EPDM floor is made up of many small parts, it is possible to incorporate all kinds of figures and logos into the rubber floors and play elements. Stimulate the child's imagination by turning the floor into an imaginative playground with vivid colours, glitters and 3D objects that blend into each other seamlessly.

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