Elements for play floors and walls

By adding a shock-absorbing play floor and play wall, you create the perfect play corner. By combining these with our wall games, play systems or our playhouses, you can transform your space into a fantastic children's world in no time at all. 

Our designers bring every fantasy to life by using cheerful and appealing designs. All designs are designed with care and attention to detail. This makes each design unique. In addition, our play concepts are made in our own factory in China and are therefore guaranteed to be safe and durable.


Shock-absorbent EPDM play floors

Growing up is all about getting up with a fall. Especially for children who are discovering the world around them. Give children the confidence to go out with IKC's fall-damping (EPDM) play floors. Our EPDM floors are of high quality, have a high wear resistance, are non-slip and ensure that any fall is cushioned. In addition, the thickness of the EPMD floors is determined by the drop height of our play concepts. This ensures maximum safety.

Because the EPDM floor is made up of small parts, it is possible to incorporate figures and logos in the rubber floors. By using different colours and patterns, each space is transformed into a challenging playing environment. 

Expand your play area with custom wall designs

Our wall designs are the ideal addition to your children's corner. Add extra play experience by drawing the theme of children's corner on the walls. The IKC wall designs are custom made for you.

Our designers design a graphic at your request and print it in very high quality on PVC, Airtex or Forex. In short: a wall design always fits well within the theme of the children's corner and always fits perfectly with the available space. Under the stairs or in a lost corner? No problem, our wall designs fit everywhere.

Would you like more information about this? Please contact our specialists. We are happy to help you!