Play floors - EPDM play floor for IKC play corners
Play floors - EPDM play floor for IKC play corners

Play floors and walls

By adding a shock-absorbing EPDM floor to your kids' corner, you create a safe play environment for your youngest visitors. By combining this with our wall games, play systems or our playhouses, you can transform any area into a fantastic play world in no time.

Our play floors and walls are: 

  • safe
  • fire retardant
  • soundproofing
  • shock-absorbing and non-slip
  • wheelchair friendly

According to the European safety standard, a shock-absorbing floor is mandatory when children can climb higher than 60 cm in your kids' corner. This ensures maximum safety for playing children in your organization.

Discover the advantages for a play corner in your sector.

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Custom shock-absorbing EPDM play floors

Growing up goes by trial and error. Especially for children who are discovering the world around them. Give children the confidence to go out and play with IKC's fall-resistant (EPDM) play floors. 

Because the EPDM floor is constructed from small rubber granules, it is possible to incorporate figures and logos in the floor. You can choose from 16 different colours, countless colour combinations and a glitter variant. It is also possible to add 3D elements, such as a tree trunk or hills, to the play floor. An EPDM floor really brings your play corner to life. 

Expand your play corner with custom wall designs

Our wall designs are a real asset to your kids' corner. They add extra play experience because children will step into a complete fantasy world when entering the kids' corner.

The IKC wall designs are custom made for you. Our designers create a graphic according to your wishes and print it in very high quality on PVC, Airtex or Forex. In short: the wall design always fits well with the look and theme of the kids' corner and fits perfectly in the available space. Under the stairs or in a lost corner? No problem, our wall designs fit everywhere.

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A selection of our elements for play floors and walls