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Not only film, but also playtime fun for the youngest visitors at Pathé Ede!

Kids' Delight in the Spotlight: The Play Corner at Pathé Ede | IKC

At International Kids Concepts, we take pride in every project, including Pathé in Ede, where we've created a lively and innovative play corner. We have successfully collaborated with Pathé on similar play corners in locations such as Helmond and Leeuwaarden, and now once again, we've contributed to a successful project in Ede!

Safe and Sustainable

The goal was to design a play corner that is not only attractive and safe, but also aligns with Pathé's entertainment experience. In collaboration with Pathé, IKC has created a space where children can have fun with Charlie, the French Rooster of Pathé, amid flying popcorn. The play corner has been carefully integrated into Pathé's style.

With attention to detail and creativity, we've designed a play corner that stimulates children's imagination. Featuring our colourful and sustainable elements, such as the favourites; the Bead Table and the interactive Delta Touchtable, we aim to provide a stimulating environment for children. 

An Experience in Itself

The play corner at Pathe Ede is not just a play area; it's an experience. The project contributes to the child-friendliness of the location and overall customer satisfaction. At International Kids Concepts, we strive to create unique play concepts that surpass every expectation.


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