A collage of the renderings of the Playh@IKC module
Children's Experience is a Priority at Ludent84 Dental Practice

Child-friendliness at the Heart of Dental Practice Ludent84

Located at Ludwigsfelde-Dental number 84, dental practice Ludent84 has become increasingly child-friendly. Ludent84 dental practice consists of two parts: an adult section (Ludent84) and a special children's section called Cosmolu. Cosmolu is named after the cosmos and the "Lu" of Ludwigsfelde. At Cosmolu, there is an emphasis on the fun of discovery and adventure for children. The team at Ludent84/Cosmolu aims to ensure that children are introduced to their first visit to the dentist without any fear or pressure. In this child-friendly practice, there is a lot to discover. Cosmolu therefore has a special waiting room for children, designed in collaboration with IKC.

A Kids' Corner in the Waiting Room

There are many advantages to placing a children's corner in the waiting area. Children can wait for their turn in a comfortable way while playing. This results in satisfied parents and children who will have a good experience at the dentist's office, leading to loyalty. But it is not only a pleasant waiting area for children; the dentist also receives less tense children and can thus perform their work more effectively.

To make the children's corner at Ludent84, Cosmolu, fully appropriate, various decorations were used. For instance, the walls are covered with Forex panels printed with 3D planetary elements and the dental practice's mascot. In addition, the Play@IKC set-up was created in the same style and blends seamlessly with the wall design, completing the experience. Using our wall games in different places in the waiting room makes it dynamic, and ensures there is something to do for everyone.

Educational, Active and Chaos-free

All our IKC concepts are educationally designed so that children can learn through play. For children who especially want to expend their energy in an exciting waiting area, the Play@IKC concept offers the perfect solution! This play structure provides space for all children to unleash their energy without taking up too much space and without causing disorder. Combined with our wall games, it creates a space full of creativity and inspiration for children.

The First Play@IKC Play Structure

At IKC, we recently launched our revamped Play@IKC Play Structure. This modular play concept can be used in all rooms. We are proud to have installed it at Ludent84 for the first time! The installation was carried out by our passionate service technicians on site in Ludwigsfelde. This of course brought its challenges, but with thorough preparations we achieved a successful result.

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View of the Play@IKC module with no balls in the bnallpit
A view of inside the Play@IKC play module
A rendering of the waiting room of Cosmolu