Monster Playground Concept XXL

The Monsters have come to earth, but don’t worry – they are a very friendly bunch! They are spreading out all over the world, showing people how to turn even the smallest area into a play corner: a place that’s safe for kids in which their imagination can run wild.

Monster Concept XXL include a 25m2 EPDM floor and 58m² space related wall covering. Children love it and so do we!

Have the Monsters adjusted the satellite antenna correctly? Why not hop across the Intergalactic Planet Hoppers to check? Or you could challenge the Monsters to a race on your SpaceScooters: last one to the JumpShip buys the ice creams!

This gaming concept offers infinite play possibilities of which your smallest visitors will never get tired.

The ‘XXL’ Monster Concept can be adapted to match the style, brands and colours of your company. Our advisors will be happy to help you get the best out of your unique play corner!


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  • Height2.30 m
  • Width5.00 m
  • Depth5.00 m
  • Article numberMCXXL
\Monster Playground Concept XXL

Photo impression