Echo Adaptive

Latest technical development of IKC, adaptive light response.

The Echo, adaptive touch touch game computer brings colour to your children's corner in a very special way, while playing the games, the semi-transparent design furniture colours with the software, and therefore even more surprising for the children.

The Echo comes standard with the play touch software developed by IKCstudio, the games consist of 12 child-friendly games that take children into their own fantasy world where they can feel free and confident, and creativity is stimulated.

The compact Echo game console is easy to combine with the IKC wall play panels through its size and can be mounted on IKC free-standing game systems in your children's corner or play concept


Playtouch Software
Galaxy Explorers


  • Height70 cm
  • Width45 cm
  • Depth9 cm
  • Weight15 kg
\Echo Adaptive

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