Delta 70 Inch XXL

The exclusively designed 70 inch multitouch display called Delta has 8 challenging games continue to amaze children every time. The software is designed for multitouch screens and is therefore playable by multiple children at the same time. During playing, an attractive atmosphere is created that attracts even more children to come and play and watch.

The recognizable and colorful design is implemented in every game. The games contain no written words and are for all ages.

We believe that everyone is a winner and of course our software has been adapted accordingly. Our games are focused on the stimulation of creativity, self-confidence and authenticity.

Together we create the place where children can play, laugh, relax and find distractions. But above all, to be oneself. And by creating a harmonious atmosphere for all your guests and employees, the circle is complete.

Delta 70-inch XXL Software


  • Height120 cm
  • Width182 cm
  • Depth29 cm
  • Article numberDPX
\Delta 70 Inch XXL

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