IKC Ready-to-play

Check out our extensive collection of products for kids’ corners and play areas. These products are all finished, ready to play. They are guaranteed to offer endless hours of playing fun, they are manufactured in our own factory in China, and certified for safety and sustainability. 

Wall games: ideal for a small play corner

Our wall games are not just fun to play with, they also support the development of children. They stimulate the hand-eye coordination and other cognitive skills. Furthermore, they are made of durable wood and have a very long lifespan of many years.

These wall games are ideal for a small play corner or kids’ corner but they are also great elements in a larger play area.

Soft play: child-friendly elements for every play area

They are soft, colourful, last a long time, and they are easy to clean. We design and manufacture all our soft play elements in-house. They instantly trigger the imagination of small children and offer endless playing fun.

Interactive game computers for children

These game modules for children are simply indestructible. And they must be as they are popular and provide lots of play activities. Our team of game designers comes up with the most exciting digital adventures and also makes sure to incorporate educational elements. 

For all ages and never violent

Our games are designed for different age categories and never contain any violent material. We believe in adventurous and challenging games that let children forget, for a moment, where they are. 

Safety and sustainability above all

Our products are manufactured in our own factory in China and are SGS certified in compliance with the EN-71 standard. This guarantees their safety. Apart from that, we believe in a sustainable production process. So we choose honest materials and ensure that our products truly have a lifespan of many years. 

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