Safe, shock-absorbent flooring for your play corner

Growing up always goes with ups and downs. Especially with children who are discovering the world around them. Give children the confidence to explore with the shock-absorbent (EPDM) flooring by IKC. This flooring is especially made to minimise the risk of injury when children are playing.

Playing safely

Stimulate the child's fantasy and give them room to play. Turn the entire area into a playground by adding an EPDM-floor with vivid colours and 3D objects that blend in to each other seamlessly. You can choose any shape and design because the rubber EPDM-floor is made up of many small parts.

Or, why not transform the entire area to a real play paradise by combining an EPDM-floor with 2D Forex flooring. This allows you to print any image onto your floor, making it possible to give the floor, the wall and the ceiling all the same theme. Let children spot the birds in the forest, play in the shop, or go on an adventure in the Arctic. And see them get immersed into their own fantasy world.

Play corners that are sustainable, strong and easy to maintain

The EPDM play elements and floors are all made of synthetic rubber. The material is:

  • Safe & environmentally friendly
  • Fire-retardant
  • Sound absorbent
  • Shock absorbent
  • Wheelchair friendly 

Simply remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or broom. The more persistent dirt can be cleaned with a special high-pressure hose. This will keep your kids' play area clean. Great for the children, the parents and your staff.

Take a step towards a child-friendly environment 

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