girl playing in pathe delft kids corner
Explore our Kids corner at Pathé in Delft!

The Kids Corner at Pathé Delft

At International Kids Concepts, we specialize in crafting dynamic and innovative play environments. Our passion for creating these concepts is now in the vibrant setting of Pathé in Delft. From digital games to wooden wall games, you can discover a safe and interactive space designed for unforgettable moments with loved ones, featuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Similar to Ede and Zwolle, the children's corner seamlessly integrates with Pathé's distinctive style, paying homage to the beloved Charlie. From the charming French rooster adorning the wall decorations to its presence in the design of the fences and software, every detail is thoughtfully tailored to capture the essence of Charlie's charm. 

The Play Corner offers a variety of engaging features, including The beadstree table,  Child fences, and play panels designed to provide ample space for wall games and a secure environment for children. Additionally, the Wall Game Sliding puzzle presents an entertaining challenge, encouraging children to unleash their creativity and problem-solve in order to solve the puzzle.

Now, children can discover all the exciting features this play area offers, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their cinema experience. Of course, everything is crafted with our little ones and our planet in mind. Below, we've featured some photos that give you a sneak peek at what we created for Pathé Delft. The kids' corner is a fantastic reason to visit more often, especially for larger groups and children's parties!

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