Holiday Park Eiland van Maurik has renewed its Family Entertainment Center!

More fun for the whole family at the Eiland van Maurik (NL)

The Family Entertainment Center at Holiday Park Eiland van Maurik offers a unique experience for families and children of all ages, focusing on fun, adventure, and relaxation. The center is a destination in itself where families come together for unforgettable moments.

For the whole family

There was an indoor playground for the older children called ‘Eiland Avontura’. The Eiland van Maurik wanted to expand this indoor playground and enhance the experience for the entire family by adding a play area for children aged 0 to 4. 
Now parents can relax while their toddlers explore a space designed specially with the little ones in mind, and guarantees endless fun.

The space stimulates children's creativity, from beautiful lamps to custom-designed play elements such as the 'Four Fun' in lighthouse style. This lighthouse is equipped with various game modules including the 'Wheel of Emotions' and the 'Northern Lights'.

The walls, created entirely in a forest theme with Forex, enhance the experience for children even more. One of the walls features an activity wall with buttons fully integrated. The activity wall is a game where two children compete to be the first to touch all the lights of their own colour that light up. This makes moving fun and stimulates hand-eye coordination.

The vinyl flooring has a dynamic layout, from winding paths to hopscotch lanes where children can ride and jump to their heart's content. On this floor, the Delta 32-inch touch table can be found, where up to 4 children can play games simultaneously. In this space, there is also a special (fixed) swing for the youngest children. Parents can lay their newborn baby here and rock back and forth.

The combination of all these elements in the play concept ensures that it not only provides entertainment but is also eye-catching, leaving a lasting impression on guests of all ages.

Keeping the future in mind

Investing in an IKC play concept is not just about fun - it's about investing in the future. Both children and parents will have fond memories of a visit to the indoor playground "Eiland Avontura". Due to the fact that it is indoors, and can be enjoyed all year long, it gives families the chance to visit the vacation park whenever they please! With IKC's reputation for quality and innovation, this play concept can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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