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More efficient appointments thanks to a play corner in the waiting room

Eye clinic Drechtsteden places a children's corner

Research has proven that patients can better prepare themselves for their consultation if there is a relaxed athmosphere in the waiting room. The play corner in the waiting room at eye clinic Drechtsteden does not just offer a pleasant waiting environment, but it also helps the patients to be less stressed for their appointment. In addition to children and other patients, the play corner also benefits employees.

What can  you find in the play corner?

By combining interactive play systems, play panels and a beads table there is a challenge for every child. The Delta 32-inch touch table is usable from every side, which adds play value for four playing children at the same time.

Since the kids’ corner does not contain any loose parts, it is easy to keep clean and tidy. Also, the products last for years without needing much maintenance. 

Interested in adding play value to your organisation?

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