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Welcome to Play@IKC: Where Imagination Knows No Bounds

In the world of child's play, IKC stands as a beacon of creativity and adventure, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. We are proud to deliver quality kids' corners around the world and are continuously improving and expanding our expertise.

Introducing Play@IKC! This concept is designed to take innovation and sustainability in kids' corners to a whole new level. With Play@IKC, every corner becomes a canvas where imagination can soar, and every moment turns into an opportunity for exploration. This concept allows you to work with our designers to create a unique play environment tailored to your specific needs, capturing the essence of your brand while providing endless fun for children. 

Unleash Creativity with Customisation

At IKC, we believe that every space is unique, and our play concepts reflect that. Play@IKC offers unparalleled customisation options, allowing you to design a play area that perfectly fits your space. Whether you're working with a small corner or a large open area, you can customise your Play@IKC with various sizes, shapes, and attached modules to create a truly unique play environment.

Imagine a play space featuring wall games, varying panels (with windows or slats) and more—all designed to inspire creativity and foster endless hours of play. With Play@IKC, the possibilities are endless, and your play area can be as unique as you'd like!

Why Choose Play@IKC?

Play@IKC offers numerous benefits, transforming your space into an inviting and engaging destination for families. A well-designed play area enhances the overall customer experience, making your venue more attractive and welcoming. Custom designs incorporate your brand's elements, increasing visibility and recognition. Even with limited floor space, you can create a captivating and fun environment that children will love. This play concept caters to older kids, in addition to the younger ones, providing a safe yet adventurous space for exploration for all ages. This engaging setup encourages families to return, boosting customer loyalty and retention. As a result, Play@IKC installations can lead to higher revenues by enhancing the customer experience and encouraging repeat visits. Additionally, a unique, custom-designed play area sets you apart from competitors, making your space a preferred destination for families.

With Play@IKC, the possibilities for creating a unique play environment are not only limitless, but above all safe and sustainable. Safety and quality are our top priorities when it comes to children's play. Our play concepts will therefore last for years. In addition, the concept consists entirely of certified wood, making a Play@IKC a sustainable choice for your company. We are delighted to introduce this innovative concept and look forward to working with you to design a Play@IKC play concept and integrate it into your organisation.  

Discover the difference that Play@IKC can make and start designing your custom play area today. Contact us to bring your vision to life and create a lasting impact on your customers.

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