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this image shows a wall game
this image shows a wall game

Happy children make a better world

Our goal is to turn every organisation into a child friendly environment. We strive to create a better world by giving children the chance to remain a child for as long as possible. Read more.

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The short and long term advantages of adding play value

We have been creating play value in countries all over the world for more than 12 years. By doing this, we help our customers benefit from positive effects of adding play value.

Playing creates beautiful memories. Those memories pay off, because children grow up and remember where they used to have a great time. When children enjoy themselves, parents can stay longer, spend more and come back more often. If parents know that their children will have fun and feel welcome, they will be more likely to choose your establishment again. This is why an IKC play area will give you:

  • Higher revenues
  • More visitors
  • More retention visits
  • More relaxed atmosphere
  • Unique brand experience
  • The playing child is your future customer

The advantages of a kids' corner in your sector

When children enjoy themselves, parents can focus on your products or advice, will stay longer, spend more and come back more often. Download a brochure to discover more about the advantages of a kids’ corner in your sector.