Kids corner hospital

Play corner in the hospital

No child likes to be in hospital. With a nice play area, you create a place where children can forget the world for a while and where they can have fun without worries.

The children's corners are created in your house style. In this way we ensure a positive association with your youngest visitors. The play corners are very safe and TÜV certified. Request the free brochure or call us: +31 (0)321 387 730.


The children's corner is a place where children can be themselves because:

A children's corner works relaxing and stress reducing, they can step out of the' real' world for a moment.
Children can play there safely, alone or with other children.
Playing can restore self-confidence and can serve as a means of communication in the treatment.
Playing stimulates their creativity and allows them to express their emotions and stories.
By creating different playing corners or by placing game modules on different departments and in the treatment room, the children always have a view of a familiar "game oasis". When graphics from your children's corner return to the treatment rooms and reception rooms, this will make your young patients recognisable. As a professional, contact with the child is easier if you can connect to their experience.

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