IKC Projects

You cannot fail to be inspired by our recently completed projects. Take a look at the child-friendly world of IKC. Get to know the wonderful world of children's experiences. Find out what materials our safe play areas are made of. Immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities of our play landscapes. Find out about the latest trends in colour and game modules. Stay informed about our marketing campaigns. You'll find it all here.


  • Hilton Hangzhou

    Hilton Hangzhou

    hilton chooses IKC The hotel that is known worldwide, has chosen IKC to design a space in one of their hotels. We are happy to announce that this mon...

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  • IKC together with HOPE Benefiet

    IKC together with HOPE Benefiet

    IKC gives HOPE where it is needed. Various playing concepts have been developed for HOPE benefit. The Tower of HOPE and the HOPE on Wheels. The playin...

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  • Burger King chooses for expertise IKC

    Burger King chooses for expertise IKC

    Burger King chooses for expertise IKC Burger King opts for the expertise of Instore Kids Corners. The fast food chain received a new play scheme th...

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  • Pancake house Hans en Grietje

    Pancake house Hans en Grietje

    Hans and Grietje is a magical pancake restaurant in Zeewolde, Holland. From the moment they walk in, visitors to the restaurant begin to experience th...

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  • The Catharinahoeve

    The Catharinahoeve

    The Catharinahoeve is a restaurant / farm where many tourists come by. Where there used to be a few IKC Play modules, there is now a beautiful room w...

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  • IKEA Kaarst - Germany

    IKEA Kaarst - Germany

    IKEA’s new store in Kaarst, Germany, is about to open and for the children there is now an awesome kids play centre within the restaurant area. Thi...

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  • Shoe shop Brantano Belgium

    Shoe shop Brantano Belgium

    Brantano, the Belgian market leader in chidren's footwear moved to a new store concept last autumn (2017). In addition to selling shoes they started s...

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  • IKEA Wroclaw - Poland

    IKEA Wroclaw - Poland

    IKEA Wroclaw in Poland is a unique children's play concept brought to life in the Bielany Wroclaw shopping centre. In this adventurous playful enviro...

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  • IKEA Wuhan – China

    IKEA Wuhan – China

    At IKEA Wuhan, in China, there is a beautiful children's play concept that we recently completed. This magical playing environment has been created u...

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  • FABindia Play Landscape

    FABindia Play Landscape

    In this fantastic play space at Fabindia, every fantasy becomes reality. This really is a beautiful space in which everything has been thought of! It...

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  • KFC Stuttgart Germany Playconcept

    KFC Stuttgart Germany Playconcept

    KFC recently chose Instore Kids Corners to design their new indoor playrooms. These are a perfect addition to their branches in Stuttgart (Germany) an...

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