Welkoop nieuwe winkelformule
Understanding garden and animal!

Welkoop, a piece of nature in the shop!

Retail chain Welkoop is changing its formula and focusing more on the experience, IKC is placing a play concept for the youngest customers in this formula. Check out this project!Meet the latest play concept for Welkoop! The play concept, in the shape of a cow, is part of the new Welkoop shop formula.

The new shop formula focuses more on experience and inspiration. Different departments, such as clothing and shoes, will also be given a more prominent place in the shop. And there is the possibility to scan products yourself. In addition, customers can have a cup of coffee in the specially designed coffee corner.

Children learn all about milk!

We are proud that, as IKC, we can contribute to the new formula. The play concept, in the shape of a cow, is part of the interior in the shops. The milk cow teaches children in a playful way that milk comes from a cow and not from the factory or supermarket.

Children are challenged to milk the cow and fill the bucket. During the milking, the light of the bucket will get brighter and brighter. This outlines the idea that the bucket is filling with milk. When children milk for more than 30 seconds, they will be surprised with a big applause and the light of the bucket will flash. A big step for IKC, the software and circuit board were specially developed by the studio department.

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