Jumbo Els Boek supermarkt kinderhoek
Grocery shopping has never been this much fun!

Kids get a warm welcome from supermarket Jumbo Els Boek mascot Bo the elephant

At long last, supermarket Jumbo Els Boek in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, has finally been able to expand the store. They took advantage of the opportunity to also install a brand new kids’ play corner, made in their own style!

The biggest motivator for taking this step is because store owner Els believes that a play area would absolutely create more value for families who come to her to get their groceries, and that it will also have a positive effect on the prosperity of her store.

Her initial idea was to place an indoor playground with a ball pit, but she eventually decided for an IKC play concept because these are much easier to clean and maintain. She had also seen what IKC has done previously for Jumbo supermarkets, which soon caught her attention.

A third important reason to work with IKC, was the option to fully customize the play corner in her own style. In addition to the play modules that have been made in the characteristically yellow Jumbo colour, we’ve also decided to incorporate Jumbo Els Boek’s years-long mascot Bo the elephant into the designs. As a result, Bo can be found on the large interactive Delta Touchtable and on the wallcoverings. This wall design is a recognizable picture from the local area, taken by store manager and hobby photographer Gerrit Anema. Our IKC Design team has added their mascot Bo to the pictures for a fun and colourful touch.

In this kids’ corner there is lots to discover while they wait patiently for their parents. There are a few modern, interactive play systems like the cool Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+ for the slightly older kids, and a Delta 21 touchscreen with special game software within the theme of the Jumbo supermarket. Additionally, there are some analog wall games to try, such as a custom designed Memory game with the store’s logo and mascot, the Road Trip wall game, and a special variant of the classic bead table to hang on the wall, the Wire Beads.

Getting groceries at Jumbo Els Boek is now more pleasant than ever before, for kids and adults alike!

Would you like to hear about the possibilities for a custom play concept in your own style or theme?

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Store owner Els Boek has chosen for IKC because we can fully customize everything according to her preferences. As an example, the wallcovering is a beautiful photo from the local area, taken by store manager and hobby photographer Gerrit Anema!
Jeroen Buijs, IKC Account manager
Kinderhoek in supermarkt Jumbo Els Boek in Leeuwarden
Kinderhoek in supermarkt Jumbo Els Boek in Leeuwarden met mascotte Bo de olifant
Meisje speelt in kinderhoek bij supermarkt Jumbo Els Boek in Leeuwarden
Interactief speelsystem in kinderhoek supermarkt Jumbo Els Boek