this image shows a kids corner in the AH supermarket
More focus on your products with the help of a kids corner

IKC play value in the Albert Heijn store layout

IKC has been part of Albert Heijn's formula for many years. They include the custom kids corner in each new and renovated supermarket. The Albert Heijn play corner includes our Crazy mirror wall game and a 17 inch interactive touch screen with custom Albert Heijn supermarket software.

Benefits of a kids' corner in your supermarket

By adding a play corner to your supermarket, you will provide a welcome distraction for the children and this allows parents and other customers to focus on all the products you offer in the supermarket. Interested?

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Mothers prefer to come to us for grocery shopping because they can take their children with them.
Albert Heijn Bavel
This picture shows a boy playing at the Albert Heijn kids corner supermarket
This picture shows two boys playing at the Albert Heijn kids corner supermarket