Politie Maastricht speelbus politiebus voor kinderen
In this police car all worries disappear like snow in the sun

At the Maastricht police station children find their smile again

Since the grand renovations at the police station in Maastricht, the Netherlands, kids will now find a specially designed police car covered in fun games!

Children can relax in this unique play system that has been specially created for this project. A real police van complete with windows, a steering wheel, the police logo and the characteristic striping.

To make it even more cozy, several matching blue Softplays have been added to sit on inside and around the car. On the outside, an interactive Delta 17 inch touch screen invites everyone to come take a look, and once inside, the kids will find the educative Abacus Wheel and Square Logic wall games. On the back of the bus also hangs a custom-made Memory game with images out of the life of a police officer: from cars and helicopters to police dogs and horses.

Being able to sit in this cool police car at the police station while cuddling with a special police teddy bear, softens an intense experience to a more pleasant memory.

Wherever kids are taken into the adult world, our play concepts give them the peace and chance to simply be a child.

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