A small children's play area in a bank in Warsaw
The power of a small kids’ corner

A modern style kids’ corner at the PKO BP bank Rotunda in Warsaw

Placing a children's play corner in the waiting area at a bank, is a particularly important and desirable opportunity. Many customers are parents, who have to settle their everyday financial affairs. Often, they have to take their children with them to the bank.

Undisturbed advice appointments due to a play area for kids

By allowing the kids to play, the parents can discuss financial topics without hindrance. The pleasant atmosphere is not only appreciated by customers with children, but also by other customers and the bank employees. 

PKO BP Bank noticed these needs and arranged a customized play corner in cooperation with IKC in Rotunda in Warsaw. The unique, fully personalized play corner matches the bank’s corporate identity and offers lots of fun and an unforgettable experience for the kids!


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Children will remember that they had fun during the visit, creating a happy memory. This will give them a positive brand awareness from a young age.
Interactive play system in a small children's corner in Warsaw
A play element for children with wall games and an interactive play system