IKC play kinderspeelhoek landal
IKC has expanded the play area with a special play corner for toddlers

Extra play value for toddlers in indoor play area Landal Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin

The indoor play area has a large climbing structure with a high slide. Older children aged 6+ can have a great time here. As this was too high for the children under 6, Landal Ouddorp Duin found IKC to create a special play area for that age group. The original play area was made in a maritime theme, to match the environment of the Landal Resort. The Arctic collection fits perfectly in here. Several wall games from this collection have been installed accordingly. The children can immerse themselves in their fantasy world with the All Aboard playboat. The Beadstree beads table is also a must in a play corner for this age group. The beads table stimulates the development of fine motor skills, as children have to guide the beads along the wires. They can also build all kinds of constructions with the Funblocks. These are large plastic building blocks and are easy to stack.

A custom wall game in the corporate identity of Landal GreenParks

The Memory wall game has been personalised by our design department. On the back of the blocks the recognisable logo of Landal Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin is printed. On the other side of the blocks are the images the children can match. These are also personalised for Landal. For example, Bollo can be found several times on them, but his friends are also featured. The play corner is made for toddlers, but older children can be found regularly in the toddler zone too!

See an impression of the play corner and personalised Memory below.
Would you like more information about a custom wall game, or a customised play corner? Feel free to contact us.

IKC play kinderhoek kinderspeelhoek speelruimte met wandspellen en speeltoestellen
IKC play kralentafel voor kinderen en wandspellen in een kinderspeelhoek
IKC play kinderspeelhoek speelruimte met speelsysteem en wandspellen kinderen
IKC play gepersonaliseerd wandspel voor Landal Resort