Hotel Van der Valk Venlo tropische retro nostalgische speelhoek
Hotel chain Van der Valk entertains the youngest visitors

Van der Valk installs a kids' corner

Hotel chain van der Valk in the Netherlands has also experienced the value of a kids’ corner in their hotels. Multiple van der Valk hotels have chosen to transform a space into a play corner.

Rest and entertainment generate more income

Thanks to multiple wall games and interactive play systems, children can enjoy themselves while their parents sit in the restaurant or have a drink in the hotel lobby. This also allows the parents to check in and out more calmly ate a calm front desk. This is not just pleasant for the guests, but also for the hotel staff. The play corner creates a pleasant atmosphere within the hotel which results in a higher chance of guests returning to your hotel. 

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a pleasant atmosphere thanks to a children's corner in Van der Valk hotel
Wall games at Van der Valk hotel
Speelhoek Van der Valk
Speeltoren in Hotel Van der Valk Harderwijk
Van der Valk Leusden kinderhoek
Speelconcept in wachtruimte van der valk Leusden