children's corner in catering at a pancake restaurant
A complete and custom play paradise for lots of fun

Restaurant the Strooppot realises unique kids' corner

This pancake restaurant in De Hoef (NL) has completely redecorated the old banquet area, with more seats and a complete play paradise. Marcel Kentrop, the owner of the Strooppot, added a cinema and a shop to the restaurant in addition to the play corner. Especially for the entertainment of the smallest guests. The design of the play corner is based on the mascot: Stroopie the bee! Children can let their imaginations run free with the play elements. Several jumping hills in the colours of Stroopie the bee have been placed on the fall-damping EPDM play floor. The first hill is made exactly like Stroopie, it is yellow with black stripes and wings are integrated in the floor below. The wall decoration was created by a designer, who created Stroopie's environment. This habitat, with a hint of the restaurant's surroundings, can be seen in several places. We have also installed this wall design in the shop and in the Stroopiescoop (cinema). This way, children experience Stroopie's world in its full dimension. Stroopie even has its own TikTok account!

Marcel's goal was to really anticipate on the children, as they are increasingly deciding where we eat. By catering to this growing need, he expects to get more customer loyalty, more returning customers and a higher level of customer experience. By doing these he expects to do more sales than he could with the banquet hall they had.

A selection of the restaurant's play value

The custom playhouse features a large syrup pot on a kitchen oven, next to this children can bake their own fantasy pancakes in the custom kitchen. This is also completely in the theme of the Strooppot and Stroopie the bee.
Of course, the Honey Play is not to be missed. Designed in the style of a beehive, it offers play space for 3 children at the same time. There are 2 round wall games on the sides and a Memory wall game in the middle. This wall game has rotating blocks and can be played from both sides, providing double the fun. On the pillar in the middle of the playroom a ruler has been placed in the nature theme, allowing the children to see how fast they have grown after a few pancakes!
A number of interactive play elements have also been installed. Children can play many educational and entertaining games on the Touch Table. This table has a multi-touch screen, allowing up to four children to play together. On the wall, a Delta 17 has been placed and the Delta Vertical for children from 8 years old. On this, they can play Pinball, for example, using the push buttons on the side, like a real pinball machine. So there is play value for every age.
With this extra experience, the Strooppot is fully catered for children in the years to come. See an impression of this unique custom kids' play area below.

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