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KFC restaurants around the world expand with additional guest experience

Custom KFC play concepts

Experience is becoming increasingly important for your guests. Therefore, KFC invests in extra entertainment for children in their restaurants. The extra play value offers more experience for guests, of all ages. Every KFC concept is unique and custom made. From the Netherlands and Germany to Sweden, entertainment is added everywhere. The play area is completely designed in the style of KFC. Completed with wall decoration, EPDM shock absorbing play floor, a slide and climbing elements for an even greater sense of experience.

We have developed a completely new project together with KFC Göppingen (DE). Play value has been added here while retaining seating capacity. A custom-made play table that can be used to both eat and play. Fun and functional! The interactive play table is equipped with custom designed software. This software shows games for the smaller children during the day and for teenagers in the early evening. This provides fun for everyone.

KFC Gorinchem (NL) and Dusseldorf (DE) have taken the next step with our designers and also had the game modules customised. The wall games have all the characteristic images of KFC, allowing children to become acquainted with the brand at a young age. For example, they can make their own hamburger by moving the ingredients on the sliders to the right place.

Below we would like to give you an impression of the various kids' play corners in the KFC restaurants.

Would you like more information on our play concepts and the possibility of customising them to your brand?

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