Kinderhoek wandspel
A pleasant waiting room for all visitors

Waiting isn't a problem for children at de Theems Dental Practice

Dentist de Theems in Spijkenisse has added a beautiful kids’ corner to their waiting room. Previously, this corner of the waiting room was still unused, but now it is an entertaining corner for all children. A real asset for the Dental Practice. 

Waiting becomes child’s play!

The play corner is made in the design of our Arctic collection and contains a play system in the shape of a boat with play modules in the same theme. A fun play corner full of positive distractions. Waiting has become child’s play! This way, the waiting period is more pleasant and relaxing, making it easier for visitors to prepare for the upcoming consultation.

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Kinderhoek inrichting wachtkamer
Kindvriendelijke inrichting