An entertaining area in a small space

Transforming Ratsapotheke Brackenheim with a Kids Corner

At Ratsapotheke Brackenheim, IKC has introduced a kids corner, aimed at simplifying the shopping experience for families. Situated strategically at the rear of the store, this innovative addition caters to their youngest customers and also fosters a welcoming atmosphere for parents.

Designed with Care

The kids' corner features two engaging wall games: the Sliding Puzzle and Orion Magnet, selected to stimulate children's cognitive abilities while providing endless entertainment. These wall games not only encourage problem-solving but also promote creativity and concentration.

In addition to the wall games, a thoughtfully designed small bench attached to the wall offers a seating space for children to relax and immerse themselves in play. This integration of play and comfort ensures that the kids' corner is not only entertaining but also contributing to a cozy environment for families to enjoy.


Since the introduction of the kids corner, there has been a noticeable shift in the store's atmosphere. The addition of interactive wall games and a bench has generated curiosity among visitors, especially families with children.

The kids’ corner serves as more than just a play area. It offers a practical solution for families visiting the pharmacy, providing children with a dedicated space for entertainment while parents attend to their errands. This thoughtful addition transforms what might have been a mundane outing for children into a positive and engaging experience.

The collaboration between Ratsapotheke Brackenheim and IKC Play in creating the kids corner exemplifies the power of innovative design in enhancing the retail experience. By incorporating play elements that engage and entertain children, while simultaneously providing comfort and convenience for parents, the kids corner has become a focal point of the store, fostering stronger connections with the community and setting new standards in customer engagement. 

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