Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte
Playing comfortably in the waiting room

This practice is a real play paradise for children!

The new location of the pediatrician's practice in Germany is even more child-friendly than before the move. The owner developed his own house style and took the perception of children into account. they chose an elephant as their mascot. 

We have used this elephant in a custom-made play system that has a prominent place in the practice. The elephant is also used as a sticker on the doors. Alongside the play system, several wall modules have also been installed. We find it important that children feel at home and welcome in our practice', according to the owner, 'therefore, we have chosen to install a play module in each treatment and waiting room. This way, children can enjoy themselves in every room.

Borussia Mönchengladbach

The practice is located in Germany on the same grounds as the well-known football club Borussia Mönchengladbach. The practice has a special connection to the football club, which is why we have used the football club's mascot in our sliding puzzle. This mascot is also recognisable for children.

Work together with IKC and create the most beautiful places for your youngest visitors.

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Children must feel welcome at all times.
Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte
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