Kinderhoek wachtkamer ziekenhuis
Positive distraction for children while waiting

A kids’ corner in the waiting room of the Martini hospital

While the doctors and nurses of the Martini hospital in Groningen are working very hard, IKC has added a kids’ corner in the waiting area of their Emergency Room.

The bright, adventurous kids’ corner has a jungle theme. The kids' corner offers optimal fun and maximum distraction from the tense situation that often occurs in hospitals. The jungle theme is reflected in all aspects of the play area, from the Airtex wall coverings to the play modules and kids’ furniture.  

Waiting room toys for children of all ages    

In addition to the theme, the hospital has also taken into account that the play area needs to offer play value for children of different ages. By combining interactive touch screens with strong, wooden wall games, the play corner attracts a wider age group. 

Furthermore, the hospital has chosen a large touch screen for on the wall. Our Delta 43-inch screen is ideal, because it gives children the opportunity to play and pass the time together    

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With joint effort, a beautiful kids’ corner was created to make the stay of the youngest visitors of the Emergency Room as relaxing as possible.

Idi de Boer, Care Manager Emergency Room
Kinderhoek ziekenhuis
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