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A tailor-made play solution

IKC together with Hope Benefit

IKC gives HOPE where it is needed. Together with HOPE Benefit, we have developed two playconcepts: the Tower of HOPE and the HOPE on Wheels.

Within multiple healthcare institutes, these playsystems offer the youngest visitors a peaceful moment. The playing systems encourage children to move around, have fun and offer hope. Children's imagination will be tickled, and even though they have setbacks or are ill, they can make their dreams come true again. It gives them a mental boost to play and to be yourself for a while.

Children can play with interactive playsystems and various wall games. Both the Tower of HOPE as the HOPE on wheels are free standing, plug-and-play playsystems, completely in the HOPE look-and-feel and obviously with our standard IKC quality. 

  • only contains FSC-certified wood
  • complies with the EN-71 safety standard
  • is sprayed with antibacterial paint
  • is easy to clean
  • is finished with scratch resistant lacquer
  • doesn't require much maintenance

Towards the end of 2019, IKC and HOPE Benefit were able to provide another three healthcare institutions with the HOPE on wheels. Check the news item here.

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Hope Benefiet concept | IKC healthcare
Hope Benefiet concept | IKC healthcare
Hope Benefiet concept | IKC