Oog op Zuid portfolio eye clinic children's corner
Together with a number of sponsors, this stunning port city play area for children has been realised.

Eye Clinic Oog op Zuid has a beautiful new play area

Eye clinic Oog op zuid opened a year ago and has found a professional and sustainable play solution at IKC. Together with a number of sponsors, this eye clinic was able to create a wonderful play area for the children. While waiting, children can play here in a relaxed environment. The kids' corner is placed in the orthoptic waiting room area. This makes waiting a little less stressful.

The theme is based on the port city of Rotterdam (NL)

The maritime design is inspired by the port city. The children's play area has a forex play wall, with the port of Rotterdam in the design. The beautiful skyline of Rotterdam really stands out here. The play elements we placed here also fit perfectly within this theme. 

The All Aboard is a free-standing play system in the shape of a boat, which children can sit in and navigate with the dashboard, as well as play games in it. The Memory placed in the side panel of the boat can be played on both sides. At the rear is a dome, where children can let their imagination run free and be on the lookout. On the forex play wall, several wall games have been placed that offer great play value, but also fit within the theme. To complete the area, soft handmade cushions have been placed in the shape of a life buoy, which children can sit on comfortably while playing. The life buoy also appears as a wall panel, to which the Tip of the Iceberg is attached.

See below the space before and after the beautiful play corner was installed.

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De ruimte voor de plaatsing van de kinderhoek
Skyline of Rotterdam on forex wall covering for a children's play area
play system all aboard a boat for a maritime-themed children's play corner
De speelruimte van oogkliniek oog op zuid in Rotterdam de havenstad
bankje met afbeelding in thema
speelruimte met custom softplay zitkussens in wachtkamer speelgoed