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The rooms both have different activity levels

At Middin, children can develop at their own pace

Middin is a day-care centre for children who need just a little more coaching. Multiple services are offered at the children's service centre, such as speech therapy and physiotherapy. This allows the children's development to be carefully monitored. In the centre, two different rooms were made available which we have been privileged to decorate. These areas are designed to be between the snooze room and the gymnastics area in terms of movement level. All children can use both areas of Het Groeibos; "The Growth Forest".

Middin "The Growth Forest", the sensory area

The first space of "The Growth Forest" has the most physical activities with jumping hills, a slide with a tree trunk design and a hopscotch path in the grass. This space is based on the spring and summer seasons and recognisable animals can be seen in the cheerful forest design on the walls. The design features a balanced combination of reality, recognisability and a storybook. Young children learn a lot by feeling, which is why we chose to place the sensory house here. With the different structures, children learn about the hair structure of a cow, what cork or rubber feels like and can make crazy faces in the laughing mirror. A creek with fish and lily pads runs through both spaces. In this way, the separate spaces are also connected.

Middin "The Growth Forest", cognitively challenging area

In the second room of The Growth Forest, winter has begun. The creek turns into cold water with ice floes and snow is everywhere. This space has another level of learning than the first space. Several educational wall games and soft handmade seat cushions have been placed here. The younger children can spin the cubes of the Animal Fusion, or learn that when they spin the Day and Night, snow falls down. The children who are more advanced in their development can make the snow change from day to night and match the right animals at the Animal Fusion. The Experience Wall teaches children what sounds the animals that live in the forest make. The Happy Penguin teaches children about emotions and how to express them.

See an impression of both these areas below.

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