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Kids can’t believe their eyes in these fully themed fantasy worlds!

Discover the inspiring playrooms at daycare centre ‘t Parelbosch

Daycare centre ‘t Parelbosch in the Netherlands has a surprisingly fun way to divide their various rooms; there are multiple uniquely themed spaces, each one completely adapted to the age group it was made for. There is the Deer Meadow for little ones up to 18 months, the Swan’s Nest for the slightly older children up to 27 months old, followed by the toddler play groups Funfair Garden and Dreamland.

Each space has been completely transformed within the desired theme with the help of IKC. The teachers can now easily organise fitting activities to complete the entire play experience!

The rooms have beautiful wall and floor decorations and large, colourful floor stickers to all gather around for circle time. By using decorative play fences the playrooms have been divided to create cosy corners for special activities, giving the children the chance to go on a true exploration mission throughout the room. Last but not least we’ve added fun wall games and Soft play pillows to play with!

Niels Jellema, IKC Account manager and supervisor of this project proudly tells about the extraordinary teamwork with ‘t Parelbosch in a brief interview.

Read the interview here

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